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Camcorder and Camera Microphone Systems

Check out our selection of wireless camcorder microphone systems and wireless microphones for camcorders! With industry-leading brands like Azden and Sennheiser, you can rest assured that you will find a quality wireless camera microphone. With our discount prices, that camcorder wireless mic gets a lot more affordable!

Our five most popular Camcorder Microphones and Camera Microphones are:

AV-JEFES AVL800 On-Camera Directional Shotgun Microphone, Azden WLXPRO630 On-Camera VHF Lapel & Mini Headset Wireless System, Sennheiser EW112P-G3/630 ENG Mini Headset Microphone for Camera, Azden WMSPRO/630 Wireless Microphone System for Camera & Camcorder and Azden WHDPRO/630 On-Camera Lavalier/Mini Headset Wireless & Directional Microphone.

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