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Wireless Headset Microphone Systems

Look, ma—no hands! Our high quality wireless headsets and headset microphone systems include all sorts of headsets and mics, including UHF wireless headsets and VHF wireless headset mics. Among these affordable these headset wireless microphone systems, we are proud of offer world-class Shure headset microphones and Shure wireless headset in addition to other leading microphone headset brands.

Our five most popular wireless microphone headset systems are:

Audio2000s 6023VM VHF Ultra-Slim Wireless Microphone w/ 2 Lapel (Lavalier), V2GO UHF 822B630 Dual Channel Mini Headset Wireless Microphone, V2GO UHF Awisco 847B630 4-Channel Mini Headset Wireless Microphone, V2GO UHF 847B636 4-Channel Mini Headset Wireless Microphone and Shure PG14/PG30 Headset Wireless Microphone System.

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